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What Made Sourav Joshi India’s Number One Vlogger?

India’s Number One Vlogger is not a new debate though. 

Vlogging has brought a huge change indeed.

There was a time when most of us used to be crazy only about film or movies. We used to glue it to TV to watch our favorite show.

But the internet made us go with real-life personalities. And Vlogger made us believe that simple life could be interesting too. We do not only see fancy things through vlogging but the real-life hassles too.

Now, people are so much interested to know interesting people through vlogging. Whether it is Sourav Joshi or Gaurav Taneja, they both have a huge fan following because of the way they show their lifestyle on Youtube. Before Sourav, Flying Beast was India’s Number One Vlogger. 

Sourav Joshi made a great buzz at the forefront since he gained 10M followers so quickly. Now, he is a known name indeed. Here, we are going to understand what made him the number one Vlogger in India.

What Made Him Grow So Quickly In YT –

Have you been thinking the same thing that made him grow on Youtube so quickly? Well, there are some specific reasons. We are going to mention some of the prominent ones here –

  •       He always brings family-oriented vlogs so that people get connected with him.
  •       He is very young and that is why teens are so inspired by him.
  •       His family is always shown in the vlogs which shows what should be an ideal family.
  •       He never talks about things that he does not know. He always remains simple, making others get connected with him.
  •       Though he got huge success still his vlogs revolve around the family the way it was earlier.
  •       He does not show off too much.
  •       His vlogs will bring a smile to your face leaving you with positive vibes.

How Much He Earns Monthly –

Most people want to know about Sourav Joshi Income Youtube as well. Though there is no doubt that he is earning so well. We can easily get it through his changed lifestyle. He owns two bikes, cars, and a luxurious house in Uttarakhand. It could be said that his life has been completely changed after doing Youtube.

And this factor has been inspiring others to go with the same profession too. Talking about his income, he is probably making between 8-9 Lakh per month as per the available online source. Moreover, he is having another YouTube channel too with the name of Sourav Joshi Arts which also makes him 1-1.5 lakh monthly.

Here, you can see Sourav Joshi painting which he used to do more often in his early days. Though he made his art channel in 2015 but put the first video on that in 2017. These paintings are just amazing and incredible. If you hold an interest in arts then you must go for it.

Moreover, his brother Sahil Joshi also started a new channel on which he is also having an ideal audience. The new Sourav Joshi car is a Mahindra Thar which price starts from 12 Lakh. Well, the changed lifestyle can inspire anyone to be a Youtuber.

Recently, we have seen him being featured in a number of songs. Moreover, he was also seen collaborating with sourav joshi and sambhavna seth.

Sourav or Gaurav: Who Is Better –

Many people want to know who is better when it comes to Sourav Joshi vlogs vs flying beast. Well, the answer is both are doing so well. Whenever you watch their content, you find yourself stress-free. They bring a smile to your face.

The major difference between SJV and FB is that Gaurav Taneja makes you know about new and informative things while you enjoy. People who are adults and always want to learn something new but in a simple way, they love watching Flying beast for that reason. On the other hand, Sourav Joshi has an audience of teens and kids. So, both are good in different ways.

Conclusion –

If you have not followed him yet then you must check out his vlogs, you will surely love it. If you are the same age as Sourav then you may learn that how hard works meets luck if you remain constant. 







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