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Business Ideas Under 50000 In India For Students and Homemakers


Best business ideas for 50K this is one of the most asked questions or topics among youth.

We are so energetic and want to use this energy to kick off our business.

We want to use our time and energy to produce something. But we have no huge amount. The starting amount we could have is 50 thousand rupees only.

We all want to make a lot of money whether it is about the students or full-time job doers. Gone are the days when users have one money-making source used to enough. But now we all want more ways to make money. Here, we are going to share some amazing business ideas which could be started under 50K only indeed.

Best business ideas for 50K In India 

Here, we are going to share amazing and outstanding best business ideas for 50K. Let’s check out more about it in a detailed manner –

  • Custom Made Chocolate –

The best thing is that custom-made chocolate is high in demand. They are indeed reasonable along with excellent long-shelf-life factors.

  • Cake –

The cake is high in demand for its excellent and customized options. They are available at competitive pricing. The wide and excellent choice can truly make to grab the attention of potential customers. This is one of the best business ideas under 50 thousand rupees.

  • Idli Dosa Atta –

This is one of the highly popular food items. It is quite convenient as well as cheap in comparison to hotels. The best thing is that coconut chutney will truly add more value to your food item.

  • Vegetable/Fruit Distribution –

Yes, you can kick off this business. When they are delivered at market price, the demand gets increases among the middle and high-come groups. You can make a huge profit indeed.

  • Sharbat –

You probably would not believe that you can kick off this business under 50k. Sharbat is quite popular being traditional ready-to-drink introducing huge variety indeed. The best thing is that they are known for being cheaper in comparison to the aerated drinks.  If you know some healthy and amazing Sharbat recipes then it could be one of the best business ideas for under 50 thousand rupees.


  • Cut To Size Vegetables –

People are so busy these days. You can make it easy for them by providing cut-to-size vegetables. You should ask for a reasonable price introducing excellent products of a wide range.

  • Tiffin Service –

Quite a common job option but quite beneficial indeed. You can have an incredible experience indeed. Office goers keep looking for the best tiffin options to stay fit and healthy. And if you can make delicious food then it could be quite beneficial for you indeed. And this is one of the best business ideas under 50000 in India to start. If you love cooking then you must go for it.

  • Specialized Tiffin Services-

You may also go for specialized tiffin services indeed to make more profit.  When you cover a special niche segment, you can make high margins indeed.

  • Sauces, Wafers, and Masala –

Are you good at any of these above-mentioned things? You may go with imparting convenience at a low cost. If you are a homemaker, then this business could be excellent for you.

  • Semi Cooked Snacks –

People have less time to cook food. They want everything to be done within a short span of time. If you could provide semi-cooked snacks, it could truly be cheaper in comparison to the hotel food. This should be ready to cook and convenient.

Conclusion – 

We hope that we have made it easy for you by some extant sharing excellent business ideas under 50000 in India. You may choose any of these options accordingly. Keep going on.

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