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5 Different Ways To Make Online Money On Youtube


What could be different ways to make online money on youtube?

This is one of the most asked questions.

In short, the answer is YES.

It means you can make money on Youtube in different ways except for AdSense.

There are so many people who are already making money. If you think that you might need millions of subscribers to make money then you are wrong. There is nothing like that. It is a sort of the wrong perception that you need a lot of subscribers to make a huge amount of money

You may get surprised knowing that Youtube is not only about a sort of numbers game. How much you will earn from Youtube also depends on what niche you are going to choose. What sort of engagement do you share with your subscribers? But it does not mean that your subscribers or views are not important. 

Are You Going To Get Paid For Uploading Videos On Youtube? 

Start making videos to enhance your personality too

No, you do not get paid to get your video uploaded on Youtube. Moreover, videos do not get monetized on their own. If you want to make money on Youtube then you need to enable the monetized button ongoing in your account settings. Here, you get the option to kick off its partner program easily. If you are a beginner then you may also read this book to get more updates. 


How You Can Create Money Using Youtube Platform –

Are you hunting for new ways so that you can make more income? You are on the right platform. Probably, you might have been wondering how you can create more money from this platform. Here, we are going to share that you can create more income indeed.

  • Introduce Channel Memberships – 

Do you know what more you can do if your channel approaches more than 30K subscribers? You would be able to add one more income stream introducing channel memberships. You might be wondering what it is and more than this. This is the way where your fans would be introducing $4.99 a month in respect of a membership package. This package comes with a variety of benefits such as getting early access to videos, stylish emojis, benefits of members-only live chat, and so on. 

Your audience requires something creative

Now, you might be wondering why you need this. The reason is that your audience knows that getting a Youtube creator’s attention is a bit tough when they have already been receiving so many comments, views, and likes. Channel membership could be an easy way to approach them. 

  • Endorse Affiliate Products- 

This is one of the best ways to make a profit from Youtube videos indeed. Businesses know the new age benefits of Youtube channels and they want to get the most out of it. Businesses also keep hunting for the best platform from where they could churn out more. 


Once you get enough subscribers, you will start noticing that businesses would be approaching you so that you can promote their products. They would be offering you an ideal payment for that too. You may also go ahead with the popular affiliate programs in order to make more profit indeed. It is an ideal way to get some more extra profit. But you need to do this in a creative way since today’s viewers are quite smart indeed.


  • Get Associated With The Youtube Partner Program – 

Do you know about the Youtube Partner Program? Do you know how it works? Do you know that you will not be able to get your videos monetized if they are not accepted into the Youtube Partner program?

Trust Yourself and Your Creativity To Make Interesting Videos


For this, your channel needs at least 1000 subscribers. Moreover, you also need at least a 4K public view. This guideline is needed to follow if you want to join the partner program indeed. It means you would not be able to get money if you do not reach these specific numbers first.  Therefore, it is quite important so that you could have that specific content so that your channel’s reach could be enhanced. Once these two requirements are done then you are allowed to apply and the go-ahead for the monetization. 

  • What Number Of Views do You Need On Your Youtube To Make Money?

If you have been thinking about this topic then you are not all alone. You are actually wrong if you think the number of views can help your Youtube earnings. If you are receiving a lot of views but no one clicks those ads then you would not be making any profit at all. Moreover, this well-written book can also help you in this context. 

Moreover, this well-written book can also help you in this context.

Youtube is known for its criteria to pay publishers running ads on their channel. To make money, it is important that viewers click on the ad and watch it completely. But the best thing is that you do not need to depend only on advertisers to make a profit. Youtube Premium can also help to make you money without going with the option of ad clicks or consumption. Does it not sound?

  • Youtube Premium – How To Get Featured On?

You might be wondering how you may get featured on Youtube Premium. This is not tough at all. How can you make money on Youtube apart from running channel advertisements? The best thing is Youtube Premium. You must go for it. 

Create Youtube Video Without Creativity To Get More Views
The Green Carpet Is Waiting For You. 

To put it in short, Youtube Premium is a sort of paid membership service which makes people able to watch ad-free videos. It means you do not need to do anything but they will automatically find a second revenue stream while YouTube Premium members do play their videos. 

Premium members of your channel would be allowed to get the video download and watch it offline or get it played in the background. And the best thing is that it also contributes to your watch time indeed. 

Can You Make Money Without Making Videos On Youtube?

But what if you do not want to create videos but want to make money from Youtube. In this condition, the only point to make money is re-using others’ content but in a creative way. Many people might not be aware of the thing that Youtube holds a huge library of videos labeled “creative commons license”. It means you can use them to prepare your video. 

Sit On The Sofa and Use Others Videos Creatively to make Money

Conclusion – 

If you have been thinking of starting your Youtube Channel then you must go for it. These ways can help you to make more money easily from Youtube

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